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No question too stupid

...no answer too convoluted

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This community was created in an attempt to make life easier for n00bz writing Doctor Who fic. As such, it's geared towards them and their questions and we have only the rules that are needed (all of which are contestable, should you object too much).

But it's not always fic-whoring n00bz who have questions, so it's pretty much open-season. Losing sleep over the canonical height of Turlough? Worried that you've misunderestimated the Slitheen? Unsure how to kill that Dalek you know is hiding under your bed? These questions and more are exactly the sort of thing this community should be able to help you with. Huzzah!

Here's a quick guide to the most commonly-asked questions.


1. Ideally, posts will be questions and queries. There's tons of places to post fic, links, etc. This one is where you can ask questions and get answers. We're very lo-fi in that way.
2. That said, if you want to post a quick guide to a bit of canon (like, "here's the canon we have about the TARDIS") that would also be grand, because it'll answer some questions for some folk.


1. The reason someone wants to know is not up for debate. If someone wants Time Lord anatomy canon to write Nine/Mickey, then all that's open to question is what bits are involved, not whether writing pr0n or whatever is Wrong Somehow. Take that somewhere else.
2. For clarity's sake, please dammit be sure to specify sources. Referring to Book/Audio/Demented BBC Merchandising Canon is fine, but confuses people if it's not specified.
2a. For the purposes of this comm, everything counts as canon. This is mainly to avoid flamewars, so unless a question specifies the subset canon it wants an answer in, make sure to clarify whether your answer is from telly, books, audio, or whatever.

Spoiler policy is here and you should read it, yo. You may also enjoy browsing the memories.

You may also be interested in dw_britglish - for all your Britpicking fanfic needs!

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