Silurians from Mars????

Does anyone read this site any longer? I hope so. It's a great site.

Question: somewhere in a book, someone made reference to Warriors of the Deep mentioning that the Silurians might be from Mars? Is this true? Does anyone know? I cannot get to the Transcript site for some reason.

Faction Paradox, Fitz, Chris, others?

SOOO...many of the Doc's friends ended up either by choice or by force working for the Faction Paradox? does this mean they were turned evil/bad? How have they been left? Esp wondering about Fitz and Chris but I think others were working for them, too. Is FP evil? Are Chris and Fitz now, too?

Santiago Jones question

In Death of the Doctor, someone mentions that Santiago's dad is traveling on a tour with a gay dad organization. Is Santiago's dad gay? Is Santiago gay? OR is one of his siblings gay? Do we know from anywhere, scripts, book, pre production stuff? And is Santiago's dad Jo's son or Santiago's mom Jo's daughter?
Tech support

TARDIS translation circuits

If the TARDIS can translate any spoken or written language (with a few exceptions for complexity), and it seems to have no problem allowing Erimem to understand spoken English, why does she have to learn how to read English (apart from as a plot device)? Is there ever an explanation given, that I've possibly missed?