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TARDIS translation circuits [Oct. 22nd, 2012|08:22 am]
Canon Fodder


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If the TARDIS can translate any spoken or written language (with a few exceptions for complexity), and it seems to have no problem allowing Erimem to understand spoken English, why does she have to learn how to read English (apart from as a plot device)? Is there ever an explanation given, that I've possibly missed?

[User Picture]From: scarfman
2012-10-22 02:05 pm (UTC)

I think the TARDIS didn't translate the written word till after the Time War.

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[User Picture]From: purple_bug
2012-10-22 02:22 pm (UTC)
I will take that explanation, given that I can't think of or find a single mention of it pre-2005. So I'll just avoid talking about it, in the story then :) Thanks!
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